What It Means To Me To Be A Small Business Owner

By Martin A. Federici, Jr., CEO of both
MF Advisers, Inc. and MF Tax & Accounting, Inc.

I consider myself very lucky to be a small business owner.

Not to say that being a small business owner is all roses and doesn’t come with its share of headaches and long hours (I mean tax season can wear out even the best of us). However, working for myself (which isn’t really the case; I’ll explain shortly) empowers you to take control and command of your life. When I say work for myself, what I really mean is I’m working as a fiduciary for my clients (putting their interests ahead of my own) because a satisfied client in any financial and/or tax practice (or any business for that matter) does the best advertising in the world for your business (word of mouth referrals = the lifeline of a successful business).

When I say I’m working for myself, what I really mean is I’m working to provide a better life for my family (I have a wonderful wife and 3 remarkable children, and so does my business partner; he’s originally from Luzerne as well and he currently resides in Florida). Every decision we make for our business reflects directly on us, and on those close to us. What’s that old saying? If you wouldn’t want to see what you did get put in the newspaper for everyone to read, then you probably shouldn’t do it. I’d say that’s still a great motto to live by, especially in today’s day and age (you should trust who you do business with…and should probably like the person as well; if you don’t like and/or trust who you work with, might be time to look elsewhere).

I consider myself very lucky to be a small business owner.

I can be there for my children’s events (heaven knows they participate in lots of extracurricular activities) because I think it’s important to support and encourage them in whatever they do.

I can take time out to be with my family (vacations, trips, etc.) or to be with a client when things get rough (a loved one passing away, suffering from an injury/illness, etc.).

I can work like a dog when it’s needed and take the time to chill when it helps me to make better decisions for my business in the long run (sometimes it’s okay to hop off the non-stop busy train).

If you always feel you should put your best foot forward while always being true to yourself and to your clients, then you most likely know what it means to be a small business owner.

I tip my cap to all fellow small business owners who take care of their clients in the best way possible – keep doing what you do. The people you serve are far better off because of what you do.

I also want to tip my cap to those who make it a point to shop small businesses – thank you for looking for the best and brightest that small town America has to offer…we appreciate your business.

For the reasons mentioned above and countless others (I could go on and on – seriously), I’ll say it again: I consider myself very lucky to be a small business owner.

Find an experienced financial advisor (or tax professional) who truly enjoys working for himself/herself, works for an RIA firm, earns his/her money from fees (NOT commissions), believes in having an abundance of investment choices for clients, and has the heart & demeanor of a teacher, NOT a salesman, and chances are you’ve found the right financial advisor (or tax professional) to help you prepare and plan for your financial future.

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Martin A. Federici, Jr.

Martin A. Federici, Jr.

Martin A. Federici, Jr. is a happily married man with a great wife and 3 fantastic children. He’s also the CEO of 2 local practices (based in Dallas, PA) with his very good friend and business partner (both business owners originally hail from Luzerne), and is lucky to have a great group of clients who help to make his work very enjoyable. In his spare time Marty likes to stay in shape, read interesting health-related and financial-related articles, go to whatever extracurricular activity his children are involved with, watch sports, and enjoy good, healthy food with family & friends.

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